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Date:2016-11-22 10:43:14

Customer evaluation: Hongrun leather water-based suede ultra-fiber products cost is very high, in particular, this product also has a "color does not migrate" features, can make us feel comfortable with the production.
"It is hard to imagine that you could make such a product, too incredible." This is a German expert saw Hongrun leather water-based suede fiber products, the Jinjiang City Hongrun Shoes Co., Ltd. Hongzhi Cong said Of the sentence.
The German expert is surprised that the water-based suede superfiber products with its complex process, it is difficult to mass production and put into use, especially in the settlement of water-based suede "color migration" problem, which has become a worldwide problem. But Hongrun leather water-based suede fiber to solve these problems.
According to Hongzhi Cong, leather show in Shanghai, Hongrun leather water-based suede fiber products really attract a lot of buyers look. In fact, this is Hongrun recently developed a green environment-friendly new materials, in addition to the unique style of hand, both micro-fiber leather suede touch, but also have a certain leather texture, and ordinary suede superfine TOL, MEK, DMF and other organic solvents, the environmental performance in full compliance with the EU ROHS directive requirements, the product is a high purity, high environmental protection, high breathable characteristics, from raw materials to processing are free of toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, , Is the real green products.
Breathable performance is the fabric shoes, especially the important performance of ultra-fiber materials. Hongrun in the water-based suede superfiber products to increase the permeability of research efforts, after repeated tests, has been able to ensure that the product is completely superior to other types of leather permeability and synthetic leather products.
In the near future, Hongrun water-based suede superfiber again once again a huge breakthrough, has been able to achieve "color does not migrate" features. In addition, the product price per meter than ordinary suede superfine cheap tens of dollars.
As a technology innovation as the core of the environmental leather manufacturers, Jinjiang City Hongrun Shoes Co., Ltd. continue to upgrade their products technology content, and strive to research and development, has produced a water-based suede superfine, high-stripping Shuangmian Rong, Velvet skin and a series of highly welcomed by the industry, high-quality high-tech new products.
"Hongrun often according to the market to produce a variety of high technology products." Hongzhi Cong told reporters, "For example, we recently learned from the market, the traditional suede leather layered, only one side available, low utilization, In response to market demand for thrift, we Hongrun leather and footwear research institutions jointly developed and jointly launched the country 's exclusive ultra - suede suede to market demand to produce products.
Super suede leather is Hongrun independent research and development of China's first to use double-sided suede leather. Its product surface is smooth, the color is more vivid than the traditional suede leather, the worker is operable and strong, the product utilization rate is high, got the approval of many shoe enterprises.
Boss recommended: Hongrun water-based suede superfine
Jinjiang City Hongrun Shoes Co., Ltd. South Korea to introduce technology, research and development of this product, are the first domestic. The main products using water-based PU resin instead of solvent-based PU resin production of synthetic leather, green, the indicators in full compliance with EU ROHS directive. The production process without any harmful waste water and waste gas emissions, is the real clean production, the product is the real green ecological environment. The product range, applicable to a wide range of areas, can be used alone, can also be used with dry finishing equipment for deep processing.
It is reported that Hongrun water-based suede superfiber is a high environmental protection, high-clean, high permeability of the new green materials, the unique style of hand, both micro-fiber leather suede touch, there are some real meat Texture, but also has a unique flexibility and a certain degree of drape.

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