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Date:2016-11-22 10:44:31

"Now, whether in the leather industry or in other industries, low-carbon environmental protection have become a common voice.How to use less energy consumption to produce the same quality or even higher quality, more environmentally friendly products have become leather The industry a consensus. "Chen Jianen told reporters that it is in such a case, the source of Thai leather was aimed at a chrome-free leather tanning fashionable leather series, although this series of products on the vast majority of leather enterprises in Jinjiang Are slightly strange.
As the general biochemical methods difficult to degrade, chromium is usually in the environment long-term accumulation, long-term uncontrolled emissions will cause water pollution. The chrome-free tanning leather is a new environmentally friendly tanning agent made of a skin, this tanning agent instead of the traditional chrome tanning agents, greatly reducing the tanning of heavy metal chromium content, truly environmentally friendly, low-carbon , No pollution.
According to the general manager of autumn and summer leather Co., Ltd., the chrome-free leather tanning fashion in many countries in line with EU environmental standards, in the international market is very popular. At the same time, the product is the original eco-products, leather texture of nature, good ventilation.
"Traditional chrome tanning leather, the greatest harm to the human body is hexavalent chromium chemicals.We developed the chrome-free leather tanning fashion leather greatly reduces the harm of the chemical raw materials on the human body, in line with the general trend of environmental protection. Products due to moderate hardness, can make some patterns in the above, such as texture changes, which is also in line with the current market demand for fashion products. "Chen Jianen told reporters.

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