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Date:2016-11-22 10:44:09

To eliminate backward production capacity and energy-saving emission reduction as the main policy means of the tanning industry, is facing a wave of transformation and upgrading, industry consolidation is inevitable, market concentration quickly pulled up.

"Relying on the 'bigger horizontal' strategy, Industrial Science and Technology in the near term the main strategic task is to do bigger and stronger leather industry," Industrial Technology Chairman Wu Huachun said in the roadshow, the technological advantages of industrial technology and general leather companies the biggest difference , Napa series, natural wrestling series, special effect leather and other leather products, are widely used in the manufacture of shoes, bags, leather goods, the main customers include the rich bird, Belle, days of good intentions, Daphne, Aokang, wood Linsen and other domestic footwear market leading brands .

At the same time, most of the raw materials needed for Industrial Science and Technology are purchased from developed countries, including IBP, NBP, JBS and CARGILL in the United States. "These are world-class leather suppliers," said Wu. Animal husbandry developed countries because of the large-scale animal husbandry, intensive, can provide a more standardized, high-quality grade of raw materials, and Industrial Technology as the largest leather manufacturer, more in the procurement of raw materials have a higher pricing power.

Based on the direct sales, taking into account the other second-tier brands and OEM, ODM manufacturers, and to 'cost-plus' pricing model to resolve the price of raw materials, "the three are a three-state" that is, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Quanzhou, Fluctuations in risk. "Sun Huiyong, vice president of Industrial Technology believes that the upstream is a world-class suppliers, downstream for the domestic market leader in footwear industry, the future growth performance of Industrial Technology certainty is beyond doubt.

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